"You don’t need to know much about me. You don’t need to know where I came from. Something you should know, though: I loathe confrontation. - Black Widow #1

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Do you want to take a leap of faith?

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Reblog if you support Maggie Smith becoming immortal.

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I’m not in the Hannibal fandom but can we just

take a moment to appreciate the fact

that no one really justifies Hannibal’s actions

no one is like poor baby he’s just misunderstood

no all of you guys just accept that he’s a dick

thank you for being one of the most sane fandoms despite having one of the strangest shows in existence

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The tables have twisted. (x)

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Very excited for Cap 2

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The Birth of Venus Black Widow

Illustration by Julian Totino Tedesco

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   you seem to be in the know re: stana and nathan--what's the story behind that? I have know idea what happened/is happening between them.


haha oh wow, i could honestly probably write an entire thesis on those two crazy kids. here’s my analysis of the situation - the first couple of years on the show they seemed very close. they were very jokey/flirty with each other in interviews, etc. (e.g.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQde3ikak7o) then ….. a lull. i don’t even think they’ve done an interview with just the two of them since like, 2010, which is absolutely ridiculous for two leads, especially once they became romantically involved. (for comparison’s sake, look at how frequently emily deschanel and david boreanz are interviewed together.) i don’t think they’ve done a photoshoot together since like 2011 either, which is again, ridiculous.

i think a major part of it is also that ABC really doesn’t care that much about the show - the last great promo they put out was for season 2 (the pool table one,) so a lack of network drive to create promo is a factor.

however ABC aside, i have 2 theories. 1) they were sleeping together in the early seasons (or maybe just did once, idk, bc stana has been with kris the whole time.) but theory 2 is probably far more likely - that this is a gillian anderson/david duchovny situation. for years those two kept their distance outside of work, bc when you’re spending soooo much time with someone every day of every week, it’s ridiculous to want to see them outside of work as well.

i also just think both stana and nathan are very big personalities, and in the earlier seasons stana was very young/green and seemed kind of in awe of NF, it seemed like she kind of repressed some of her own personality at the start - it would make sense that as the show progressed and she became more comfortable expressing her true crazy stana self.

so, in conclusion; do i think they hate each other? no. do i think they’re in love/secretly dating/whatever stanathan delusions are floating around these days, definitely not. i just think they work each other, they like each other well enough, but i do think something happened to make things weird from like 2010 onward. and we’ll probably never know, and that’s fine, bc it’s totally none of our business.

wow, that was crazy long, sorry, i apparently have a lot of feelings about this lmao.

thank you! I like the show but I’m not really into the fandom, so all I’ve seen is that there’s a weird tension, and I wasn’t sure if maybe she had talked smack about firefly or something (jk, I know she’s too lovely and classy for that).

I definitely agree that they’re probably just not that close anymore for whatever reasons, but I wasn’t sure if maybe those reasons were obvious to anyone paying attention.

anyway, thanks again :)

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me trying to do a group project

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john quincy adams was the first US president to grant a personal interview to a female reporter, and the only reason he allowed it was because the reporter (anne royall) caught him skinny dipping in the potomac, sat on his clothes, and refused to let him get dressed until he answered her questions and if you dont think that’s one of the coolest stories of early US society then idk what to tell you

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   there is no ask, just telling you that your mixes are A M A Z I N G and they pretty much rocked my week-end. if you ever have time for a new one, please do not hesitate to continue :-) you have amazing taste!

wow, thank you! I’m glad you like them, and I’m def going to keep making mixes :D 

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