lady justice in a suit → a suits rule 63 au fanmix. featuring: harriet specter (the best goddamn closer this city has ever seen) & michelle ross (pretty much a legal superhero).  [ listen ]

01. heads will roll yeah yeah yeahs, off with your head | 02. problem natalia kills, you know what they say about me | 03. because i’m awesome the dollyrots, well i’m a certified prodigy | 04. run this town oh my!, don’t you know we run this town | 05. rebel girl bikini kill, she holds her head up so high | 06. bitch plastiscines, i’m a bitch that never minds | 07.  kinda outta luck lana del ray, i think it’s kinda fun when i hit you in the back of the head with a gun | 08. bad girls m.i.a., live fast die young bad girls do it well | 09. black sheep metric, the truth is just a rule that you can bend | 10. ooh la la goldfrapp, oh child of venus you’re just made for love | 11. money (that’s what i want) (original club mix) yves & vera, your love give such a thrill but your love won’t pay my bills | 12. great dj the ting tings, nothing was the same again | 13. ice cream new young pony club, i can give you what you want | 14. heart is a beating drum the kills, give her everything you’ve got | 15. black sheep gin wigmore, if i have to fall then it won’t be in your line | 16. laisse tomber les filles france gall, je dirai ça t’apprendra (i will say it serves you right) | 17. only happy when it rains garbage, i’m only happy when it’s complicated | 18. mommy complex peaches, hush now baby don’t you stress | 19. bang on the breeders, i love no one and no one loves me | 20. bubblegum bitch marina and the diamonds, i’ll chew you up and i’ll spit you out | 21. maps yeah yeah yeahs, my kind’s your kind

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